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Tuning out, turning in – Turning out, tuning in

There’s a new post by Meg on how we relate to depression and conflict over on Rewriting the Rules. It includes a lot about compassionate mindful relating to ourselves and others.

New podcast by Martine Batchelor

There’s a great new podcast by Martine Batchelor out. Follow the link.

Details from the website: Martine Batchelor was a nun in a Korean Buddhist monastery for 10 years, where she followed a traditional path of practice and exploration. We speak about her journey in becoming a nun, what the rhythms of that life were like, what practices she undertook, and how she came to integrate, and deepen, the understanding she uncovered during her decade of training there.

The episode concludes with a compelling conversation about the multi-perspectival nature of human beings, and how we’re constantly practicing at a crossroads between various aspects of our lives.

This is part 1 of a two-part series.