Mindfulness teaching aid

This poem by Marion Nao can be a useful teaching aid for reflecting on the potentials and challenges of social mindfulness:

The mindful self 

I’m mindfully
Awakened to myself

Meaning and non-meaning
Cannot escape my depths of being

And so I identify
With non-identifying

What harm is there in that?

I’ve done so for many years
More, I believe, than you

I’m mindful

Which instils in me a kindness
By virtue of its proclamation

I’m mindful

If everyone were like me,
The world would be a better place

Yet, I cannot leave life to its own devices
I must act in accordance with my beliefs

Mindfully engaged,
I know right from wrong

My action makes amends for
The non-action of others

My judgement rectifies their wrongs

I must follow both my heart and head
To crusade my own morality

I’m mindful,
Don’t you see?

by Marion Nao