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Blogging against the stream

Meg Barker reflects on the ways in which academics might engage with blogs and their potential to open up new possibilities.

New year resolutions

I’m not a believer in new year resolutions: I think they far too easily become another stick to beat ourselves with in a culture where we already excessively monitor ourselves and make unfavourable comparisons.

I do, however, find new year to be a useful time to reflect on my priorities and think about how they shape up in the year ahead. This is probably because – for me – there is more time over the holidays than usual, and seeing the important people in my life over the festive period offers the possibility to bounce ideas off them. It’s useful once in a while to pause and think about what we value and how well that fits with how we’re currently living.

Engaging Online

At the beginning of last year I realised that the online world was passing me by. Despite running an online course at the OU (Counselling: Exploring fear and sadness) I didn’t use the web much myself for anything more than emails and searching for information. I decided to join facebook and twitter and to set up an OU blog to find out what social networking could achieve.

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